Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Treasure Hunters

Oh my word.  I think I have the cutest nephews.  AND they are so much fun!  We went on a Treasure Hunt over Christmas.  I needed to think of a gift that could 1) cover BOTH of them, 2) be inexpensive, and 3) because I am the kind of auntie that values creativity and imagination, I was partial to something that included the right side of the brain.  Yes, I have an agenda.  Big deal.  :)

You can buy inexpensive treasure chests like this at Hobby Lobby (especially if you use their weekly 40% off coupon), and Party America (or any other party store for that matter) had tons of pirate-themed trinkets. I bought cheap gold coins, eye patches and other treasures.  Bandanas are $1 at Wal-Mart, and treasure maps are free if you get a paper sack from the grocery store!  Just be careful...I had the "great" idea of burning the map's edges to make it look more weathered and almost burnt my apartment to a crisp.  Yikes.

From there, "steal" all the treasure, dress up like a pirate, practice your "Args" and "Mateys" (Mark offers very informative lessons), hide the treasure around the house in nooks and crannies, and prepare yourself for an hour of treasure hunting fun.

I promise it will be delightful.


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  1. this is just fantastic. you should make a treasure hunt for me when you get here. it'll be delightful. :)

    p.s. you're totally related to our mother.


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