Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pregnant Liza - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Aaaand...we're back, folks.  So much has happened since I last blogged, I'm not even sure where to begin.

We bought a house, moved to a different state, unpacked, started a new job...  We're painting, making our house into a home...  We're adjusting and transitioning.

Some of our biggest news is that we're expecting!  The BABY bump is coming soon, but for now I'm sporting a nice CARB bump.  After all, the baby will need some insulation for the winter.  You're welcome, little pipsqueak.  I'm about 10 weeks, and we got to hear the heartbeat yesterday.  Fun.  It was very fast and very strong...and very, very cute.

My lack of blogging is mostly due to being super overwhelmed and sick.  If I were my usual self, I would probably be able to handle our many transitions fairly well.  Because, well, let's be honest...I've moved over a bazillion times in my life.  (My record is moving five different times in one year.)  BUT, "Pregnant Liza" is not as versatile, flexible or steady.

Oh!  You haven't met Pregnant Liza yet?  So sorry.  Let me introduce her.

Pregnant Liza looks a lot like the Regular Liza, except she is a little thicker around the midsection these days. Though the Regular Liza cares a decent amount about the way she looks, Pregnant Liza does not.  Pregnant Liza barely takes a shower, let alone does her hair.  She doesn't care that her roots are growing out, or that she needs a hair cut.  She is comfortable doing a pony tail or tiny bun  Pregnant Liza disregards all of her cute jeans and tops, but she needs to buy new leggings and stretchy pants before she gets holes in them from wearing them so often.

Regular Liza used to love coffee, ketchup, Mexican food, spinach salads, and lots of veggies.  Pregnant Liza hates all of those things, including just about every other kind of food.  Unlike most prego ladies, Prego Liza does not have ANY cravings.  When absolutely forced, she will eat macaroni and cheese, rice baby cereal, vanilla protein bars and sometimes a potato...but if it is after 5PM, she will probably puke it up later anyway.

Speaking of puking, Regular Liza will do ANYTHING in her power to NOT throw up.  Pregnant Liza doesn't really have a choice.  Whoever dubbed it "morning sickness" was silly, because Pregnant Liza has a lot of afternoon and evening and NIGHT sickness.  She is very sick of feeling sick and very, VERY sick of throwing up.  Classy, right?

Regular Liza would choose to wake up at 10AM and go to bed around 1AM.  Pregnant Liza would choose to wake up at 10AM and go to bed around 8:30PM...that is, if she was able to nap from 2-3PM.

Regular Liza tended to be highly sensitive.  Pregnant Liza is EXTREMELY highly sensitive.  Any less-than-perfect smell, texture, temperature, lighting, noise, touch, or feeling is a big deal and very hard to tune out.  Pregnant Liza struggles to not feel overwhelmed in sensing every flipping detail in the world.

Though the Regular Liza loved to think creative thoughts, design up a storm, invest in lots of ladies, and be semi-over-committed with ministry sorts of things, Pregnant Liza can't seem to cover all of those bases anymore.  She's learning what it means to be less prideful in NOT saying "Here let ME take care of YOU," but to be willing to say, "I need YOUR help and can't do this on my own."  She hasn't been able to attend all the church and youth group activities and hasn't been able to keep in touch with her friends as much as usual.  Pregnant Liza needs a lot of grace these days.

Pregnant Liza also struggles to fight for joy.  Though she is not clinically depressed, her ridiculous hormones are giving her a run for her money.  Hopelessness, discouragement and despair crouch at her door, ready to take control at any weak moment.  She is clinging to some good scripture and trusting the Lord to fight her battles, but she is still weary.

Pregnant Liza is learning what it means to be more selfless, more enduring, more steadfast.  She's learning about dying to herself.  She is growing in having more of a heart for those who DO struggle with clinical depression and/or long-term health issues.  She's experiencing a desert, maybe a drought, but her roots are growing deeper and stronger in search of good water.  She knows the struggles are good, meaningful and worth it.  But let's be honest, they are still not EASY or pain free.  She wants to do a good job of embracing suffering and welcoming the testing.  We'll see how that goes...

So there you go!  You'll have plenty of time to get to know Pregnant Liza a little better in the next five to six months.  Hope you can tolerate the new voice on the blog.  :)

On a more serious note, though I seem to be super sullen and full of complaints, we are very grateful and happy to be having a baby.  We had been "trying" for about a year and a half, so to be pregnant now is a special miracle and answer to prayer.  My goal is just to be honest and transparent about the everyday sort of life that I live.  My goal is to be REAL with you, friends.  Life happens, and it is usually not quite as perfect and full of hearts and flowers as we'd like it to be.  Regardless, it IS beautiful and the journey is always worth it.

On a even more serious note, for the next five or six months, I will be accepting any and all ideas to combat nausea and vomiting.  And...please pray that I am one of the lucky mamas that is only sick for 12 weeks.  Thankyouverymuch.



  1. Liza, Congratulations!! Very excited for you! So sorry to hear you are so sick, not fun! I've heard that Unisom is helpful for nausea and sleeping. Its over the counter and not addictive. Praying for you and your precious little blessing!!
    Alicia W.

  2. Oh, sweet friend. Congratulations! What a gift!

    And I hear you. It is so very difficult to see the blessing in the dark. I had 3 pregnancies in which I dealt with hyperemesis. It is a very lonely place. I will be praying for you.


  3. Been there! I got a prescription with my second pregnancy to help with all the puking. Should have done it with the first. If you are puking up every day (or multiple times a day if you are like me) and can't keep food down, your doctor can help! It's safe for the baby. Doesn't take the nausea away but helps to keep you from actually vomiting. Also, taking your prenatals right before you hit the pillow might help, lemon water might help a little, also keeping a little bit of food in the stomach at all times...not too much or too little. Also, stress increases it, sorry to say. So, don't do too much in a day. :). This won't last forever!!! Congrats on the baby!

  4. Congratulations, Liza! So excited for you! As for the nausea, what I know from working in the pharmacy, with many pregnant people and taking for myself (not for pregnancy but for nausea) that really works is zofran. It's a prescription that's safe and non-addictive. Available in swallow or orally disintigrating tablets. Hope you start to feel better soon!! Think about how cute the little bug will be. :)

  5. Liza, that is so very exciting!!! So happy for you guys!

  6. Liza, that is so very exciting!!! So happy for you guys!

  7. Liza Jane!!! I'm so excited for you and feel your pain. I was sick all of the time! Ugh! Everyone has given you some great advice for combatting the nausea. I used Unisom and B6 and that helped some. Suck on lemon drops. Sounds crazy, but it helped. Find something that works for you! For your sake I'm hoping that in a couple more weeks you start to feel a little better! Hugs to you!

  8. Congrats Liza! I too completely understand! I am 12 weeks today with my 3rd & feel pretty identical to what you've described (& unfortunately have felt this way with each of my previous pregnancies)

    Lori's suggestions helped me off & on too -- although nothing seems to help long-term or regularly -- I've been on zofran (when it would actually stay in my system long enough to work) and it would help for a day or 2 before it seemed to loose its effectiveness. All I can say is despite feeling like you might gain a 1000 lbs -- do whatever you can to eat small things OFTEN -- if you can prevent your stomach doesn't feel empty it might help a little -- although be prepared for stomach aches & heartburn if you're like me... :( applesauce around 7 and 9 often helped me trick myself into falling asleep before the worst puking would hit...other than that a LOT of ice cream (cools the sore throat and coats your stomach) helped me bear the pain a bit! Wishing you the best - and praying yours doesn't last long!

  9. So excited for the two of you. I too was one of the unfortunate "sick" ones. Zofran was my friend, as were saltine crakers frequently throughout the day. Had a pack in my purse at all times! I also had to refrain from brushing my teeth too often. Each time resulted in unplesant gagging, so only when absolutely necessary.... Chewed lots of gum! Hows that for honest???

  10. P.S. Zofran is also for vomiting, not just nausea.

  11. Oh sweet congrats to you Liza! I recommend keeping something little and bland in your stomach even when feeling sick. If I stayed ahead of it... Like the first moment I felt awake in the morning, I ate a cracker... Then fell back asleep or waited a few minutes to get up it seemed to help some days. Also, ginger drops are a natural remedy for anyone feeling sick.
    Praying for you (& Mark)!


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