Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Will - Three Months!

Dear Will,

You are THREE months old now!  Instead of a little, fragile newborn, you are turning into a little man.

You are still sleeping through the night pretty well - usually, by 5 or 6AM, you are still sleepy, but crabby, so I take you into my big bed to sleep.  We snuggle for a few hours and then wake up for real around 8.  Whoever said co-sleeping is bad is silly - it is our most favorite part of the day!

I can tell you've woken up and are rarin' to go for the day when I hear you jabbering away.  You furrow your brow, look very serious, and carry on a full conversation - talking to your hands - until I wake up.  When I'm up, you'll smile, squeal, and keep on chatting and chatting and chatting.  I can't get you to shut up in the morning - once again, like your dad!  Way to gang up on me, morning people.

You love the changing table.  You will kick and punch and have an excited fit every time we change your pants.  We are loving cloth diapers - the little gDiapers are major cute on your bum.  You are almost ready to bump up a size to mediums!

You continue to grow out of your clothes like a little weed.  I had to buy you 6 month clothes to keep up with your length!  You are a tall dude, buddy.  I still can't keep up to how many bibs you need during the day.  I bet I have 30 of them, and your spitting still keeps me doing laundry like a man woman.

You are an outdoorsman already.  If you are grouchy, I just take you to the window to look at the trees and the birdies, and you settle down.  You LOVE walks, too.  You rarely fall asleep when we walk, because you are too busy looking around at all the pretty "neature" (that one's for you, Young Life friends).  When you get a little bigger, Daddy will teach you how to shoot the "wascally wabbits" in our backyard.

You are a busy body and like to reach and grab for everything.  We've been working hard on your physical therapy in this department, and it's paying off!  You will pull the parrot and butterflies right off your mobile, and you pull my hair all the time, too, you little meanie.  When you aren't grabbing stuff, you are sucking on your hands - like, your whole hand.  You continue to try to stuff your whole fist in your mouth, drooling everywhere.  When you figure out the whole fist won't work, you settle for just your first finger.  You are learning to enjoy tummy time - at least for a few minutes anyway.

You continue to be all boy.  Your hair is always a mess, you sweat like a grown man, and your feet are always smelly, despite your daily baths.  So classy.

You are too smart for your own good and stubborn already.  You are starting to refuse to nurse, more and more often.  The second I cradle you and pull you close, you know what's coming, and arch away and cry until I give you the bottle.  The only time you will nurse is when it's your idea and when you initiate.  I am pretty mad at you about this.  Don't you know nursing is healthy for you?  Please start to make better choices.

You have fun on Tuesdays with your Grandma Bev and Auntie Marliss.  They sing songs to you and read you books.  You like them a lot and don't even seem to miss me, Mr. Independent.  You have fun on long weekends with Grammy Pammy, too!  She wears you out with all the funny games and exciting adventures she takes you on!

You giggle now - a lot - and like to flash smiles at just about everyone.  You are a flirt, kind of a player, and a major cheese ball.

You went to your THIRD wedding in one month to see your Auntie Micah and Uncle Joe get married, and you went to your first baby shower, too.  You hung out with your buddy, Kenna, there.

Every day that passes, we learn more about you and start to see more of your funny, outgoing, crazy personality.  You keep our life interesting and adventurous!  We love you lots and lots!

Love, Your Mama


Monday, July 22, 2013

On Pessimism, Instagram, and One Thousand Gifts

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1.  I like to think that I am a realist.  I also like to think that I am discerning.  Lately, though, I think I've jumped over the line of realism into pessimism, and over the line of discernment into having a critical spirit.  I think it has something to do with the amount of stress and grief and transition we feel we've been walking through these days.  The fight for joy has been a little tougher than usual!  

2.  I finally jumped on the cah-razy bandwagon and joined Instagram.  Watch out, people.  My only hesitation was that I didn't want my 'gramming to be too frivolous or meaningless.  How could I help to redeem a seemingly shallow form of social media?  Hmm?  How?!

3.  I started to read the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  No, I haven't finished it.  It's a great book, but, for some reason, I've always struggled with non-fiction.  Bleh.  What's wrong with me?  I DO plan to finish it at some point, but I think I've already caught the jist of it all...  Something about how our joy and our fullness from the Lord is directly connected to how much we are thankful and full of gratitude to Him.  Totally true.  

That is why (and this is where I pull all THREE bullet points together - watch this!)...I will be Instagramming some of my personal "one thousand gifts" from the Lord in an effort to continue the fight for joy, invite the Lord to bring about more fullness in my life, be purposeful about gratitude in my "everyday" moments, AND...have some fun.

So, there you have it, folks.  

Join me! - @ldeyounge and/or #onethousandgifts

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