Friday, January 13, 2012

DeYoungeLife Retreat

Last weekend, Mark and I went to The Royal Straight cabin near Terry Peak with 27 of our Young Life leaders.  It was a team-building, vision-casting, relationship-investing, spending-time-with-the-Lord sort of retreat.  And, it was delightful.

A few of the girls and I before they went on a neature walk, because, after all, nature is very neat.

There was some snowboarding...

And lots of coffee.  (Yes, I am actually using creamer these days.  Weird.)

Great books.  PS - Mom, I am not reading Harry Potter.  Don't worry.

More great books.  

Time with the Lord and some beautiful views...

AND, get this...  There was an official "Star Wars T-Shirt Day" and no one invited ME.  I am mad at these three people right now.

 More time with the Lord and neature.

Take THAT, Holly.  This picture didn't turn out half bad!  

The boys were scoping out the snowboarding jump they made.  They are trying to look tough and fearless.  Oh wait, they ARE tough and fearless.  Silly me.

Great food.  Watch out McDonald's!  Ben makes a killer triple pounder.

Games of all sorts.  I lost in Bananagrams 17 times.

The gross boys made a pact to go #2 ONLY in the girls' bathrooms.  We made Micah plunge away his mess.  From now on, we will lovingly call him "Skids" for reasons that shall not be mentioned.  

Most of the gang.

We are blessed to be on mission with these friends!  


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