Monday, January 16, 2012

Ron Paul and Star Wars

I figured out why I was so glad that Ron Paul didn't win the Iowa primary.  At first, I thought I didn't like him just because I don't agree with his stance regarding Iran and Israel.  But, today I was listening to NPR and heard that his campaign "theme song" is the Imperial March from Star Wars.  What?!

Star Wars = Fantastic.

John Williams = Double fantastic.

But, for my poor friends who do not know much about Star Wars...

Imperial March = THE theme music for all the BAD GUYS in Star Wars on the DARK SIDE of the Force.

I KNEW I had a bad feeling about him.  Anger?  Fear?  Aggression?  I wouldn't be surprised.  Nothing good comes when that song starts playing...

Dear Presidential Candidates,

If you adopt Coronation March as your theme song for your campaign, I will very likely be swayed to vote for you.

May the Force Be With You,
Liza Jane DeYounge



  1. Until a few months before the wedding, this was the song I wanted to use for our recessional... Then one day I was forcing the carpool to jam to Weezer on my ipod. One of my carpool-mates commented on how 'Best Friend' would be great as a wedding song.
    The internal battle raged for several weeks, but Weezer ended up winning. I have no regrets, but I have to wonder what could have been...

  2. Eric - FUNNY! That's some good stuff...


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