Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gingerbread Party

Not to worry...  We DID have ONE good party over Christmas with my family!  Here are some snapshots from mom's gingerbread party!  

Our poor little gingerbread men were blind and naked, so we came to the rescue.  Wasn't that nice of us?

Mark's made "party pants" for his ginger man.  I think he looks like a half-dressed African American Santa Claus.  

Who wins?  Me or Mark?  Pick me, pick me!  



  1. You don't like your new camera . . . do you? :-)

  2. Such nice gingerbread party. I like simple and small DIY parties because they are easy so host can enjoy them to the fullest. At the local party venues in Chicago I am also going to host a DIY garden party for my birthday celebrations. Hope it will be an enjoyable day.


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