Monday, March 25, 2013

Emily Invitations

I've been so excited to show you these invitations!  I love this bride's style!  

My favorite thing about custom design is finding a way for the design to work for YOU.  This particular bride needed to stay on a strict budget, so we found a way to print FOUR invitations on one sheet of paper (vs. a usual two).  And, we only printed using black ink (vs. color).  Did you know printing in black can cut your printing expenses by at least 50%?  It's the way to go!  We spruced up the plain black by printing on kraft paper.  So cute.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nursery Tour

Our baby's nursery is almost done.  Yes, I know mamas.  He probably won't spend much time enjoying all the little details.  Maybe this is more for me than him.  It is a testament to how excited we are have him around.

These are two of the frames above his crib.  "I Love Everything About You" was a free printable online that I colored with colored pencils.  The mountain pic is a bunch of triangles cut from some magazines I had laying around.  The lattice frame was a $5 deal at Saver's!  Double heart thrift stores.

Timmy Mouse, Hello Rock, Poky Little Puppy - All books I had memorized and could "read" to my gramma back in the day.  Timmy Mouse even has my mama's handwriting in it from when she was a little girl.

Baby's first outfit and freshly washed blankies.  All ready to go.

Baby's crib.  Mark thinks polka dots are too feminine...  I beg to differ.  They are blue, people.

This is an unfinished wall.  I need some cute fabric scraps for the embroidery hoops.  Anybody have some?  I'm digging through Mark's baby trunks to find cute things to put on the bulletin board.  Stay tuned, friends.

I found this picture at a little vintage store.  It is an old paint-by-number and it reminded me of the Dawn Treader ship in the Narnia books.  Here's to little boy adventures on the high seas!

My gramma made the brown corduroy teddy bear years and years ago, and my mom made the two others.    And, side note, I am praying our baby will love to read books.

There it is!  Baby, we are ready for you to come!  Hurry the heck up!

38 weeks

We're getting close, folks!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Animal Cracker Baby Shower

My mama and sisters threw me and the little buddy a baby shower!  They are the greatest.  Do you want to see pictures of the goodness?  Yes.  I thought you did.  It's your lucky day.

The shower had a classy neutral color palette and an animal cracker theme.  Fun.

My mom made these stuffy animals.  Talented, right?  They are pretty animal cracker-esque.

Giraffe animal cracker stuffy.

Teddy animal cracker stuffy.  This little guy has rice inside, so he doubles as a heat pack!

Neutral place settings.

Brunch goodies!

These turnovers hold a special place in my heart.  I used to sneak out of study hall and run down town for these guys.  Yum-o.

More brunch!  My mouth is watering.  I could eat breakfast for every meal.

We will be referring to these words of wisdom often.  We are somewhat clueless when it comes to raising a kid.  Watch out, world!

Tons and tons of generous gifts.  Wow.  We are so blessed!  Thank you, family friends for such great goodies!

After a long day's work.  Thanks, family!  You spoiled me!  

PS - There was one fun twist to this baby shower.  It has to do with picking favorites.  More on this later. :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Maternity Pictures - All of 'Em!

Here they all are!  So excited to share with you!  Special thanks to my super duper fantastic sister, Naomi, who took them all!  I owe her big time.

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