Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ten Signs You Have a Great Friend in Your Life - Mama Edition

She will put her feet on your couch.

She will sit cross-legged on the floor with you and your toddler.

When your baby is fussy and doing cartwheels in your lap, so much that you aren't even able to put two sentences together cohesively, your friend will offer to hold her, then stand and sway with her, then bounce her, and when you offer to take your crazy baby back, your friend refuses.  Later, when your insane baby is drooling all over your friend's shirt and you offer to take her back, your friend still refuses and insists she's fine.  Still even later, when your baby is really, really fussy, and you are sure your friend's arm is dripping with spit and probably going to fall off after all the standing and bouncing and swaying, she still refuses...and smiles.

She will bring a new book or toy for your toddler to play with while you chat.

She will willingly, and quickly even, share her most embarrassing and shameful moments as a mom.

She will invite you to sneak out, after the kids are in bed (or at least supposed to be in bed) for a glass of wine at the local dive.

When she visits, you don't feel the need to apologize for the dirty dishes and half-eaten Cheetos strewn across the floor.

She will listen attentively when you are still not "okay" and venting, crying, and grieving over the same thing, weeks and months and even years later.

She leaves you with several verses and encourages you to keep fighting for truth.

When you are at your wits end, not knowing how to get your baby to and sleep at night, instead of giving you quick and stale advice, she will ask you questions about your baby's cues, her temperament, your feelings and reasoning, your heart, and you and your baby's relationship - until you've answered your own question and "accidentally" stumbled upon ideas that will work for you.

She will encourage you to hire a babysitter and treat yourself to an uninterrupted cup of coffee.

Do you have any friends like this? What kinds of characteristics do they have?

Praising the Lord for great mama friends!


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