Thursday, October 2, 2014

Charlotte's Nursery!

I can't believe I am just NOW sharing Charlotte's nursery pictures.  Golly.  The room was done ages ago, but things just got crazy, I guess.  Funny how that happens with two kiddos under 1 1/2...

This WAS Will's nursery, and I chose to paint the walls navy for him originally.  I was thinking seriously about getting rid of navy for Charlotte, since it is such a "boy" color, but this summer got crazy, Mark had a million other house projects and I decided to work with it.  I am SO glad we stuck with navy.  I just love it.

Check out the fun curtains!  They are only the seventeenth pair I ordered (and then returned).  They are from the lamest catalog ever and were only 20 bucks, if I remember right.  Score.

50% off Lindsey's Letters art from Hobby Lobby!  Thrifted frames.  Abstract canvas by me!  White rosettes from tacked to the wall!  

Thrifted globe, thrifted birds and branch from my sister - spray painted gold!, pink pot is a thrifted find from Auntie Marliss!

Thrifted gold frame, heart punches from greeting cards Charlie received (also fun tacked to the wall), some Ikea decorations, and (my favorite part), the tiny little jar is filled with sand from Mark and I's trip to Michigan.  Charlie was technically with us, in my tummy, so she got a souvenir!  I hope to collect more jars of sand and rocks and tid bits when our kiddos travel places in the future.

Muchas gracias to my mom for making this super awesome quilt for Charlie.  I was drooling over a similar one online that was major expensive, but this one was a GIFT, is homemade, and is way cuter.  If our house were to burn down, this is one of the things I would grab...  After I grabbed Charlie, of course...

Etsy find!  Love these tassels...

More thrifted goodness.

You guys, Charlie already has 1.7 million headbands, thanks to my mom's craftiness and our friend, Alissa's, hand-me-downs.  So much fun...  

I bought the X and O off Etsy, spray painted gold, then spent hours gluing each of those darn sequins on...individually...  Did I mention it took hours?  WORTH IT.



  1. love her her. love you.

  2. Alissa Van MeeterenOctober 3, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    Cute room! Love it :)


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