Monday, August 12, 2013

Thank You Card DIY Tutorial

As promised, here's the full tutorial for my cutie-pie thank you cards.  They are so easy.  I promise.  This may as well be called a DIY for Dummies because anyone can pull this off with flying colors in a really short amount of time.  We're talking no fuss, people.

You will need...

  • Card Stock - I am a paper snob, so I get mine from, but you can use whatever you have on hand.  
  • Paper Cutter OR Scissors and a Ruler
  • Tape (Washi or Decorative - I got mine at Target!)
  • My Instant Download template for the "Thanks! You rock." attachment.  It's in my shop HERE.
  • Envelopes - again, I'm a paper snob, so mine are from, but you can get a million for a few dollars in the Wal-Mart paper aisle.  They are "invitation" size.
First off, download my template, print as many copies as your little heart desires, and cut them apart using the lines I provide in the template.

Next, haul out your cardstock and cut a regular sheet of paper in 1/4ths - each section will be 4.25'' by 5.5''.

Choose one or two cute colors of tape, rip off a piece (just tear it up!  There's no need for perfection here...), and use it to attach the "Thanks!  You rock." piece.

Write your thank you message on the back of the card.  Stick it in an envelope, attach a piece of tape to the seal, if you're feeling even more crafty...

 Address and stamp!

Last, give yourself a high five for being so darn crafty.  You rock.



  1. It doesn't flap around because you don't attach the bottom?

  2. Kelly - Not really! If some were too floppy, I just added some double stick tape to the back. :)


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