Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stages of Will's Hair-Dos...

1. At birth, you had dark, dark, dark hair...and lots of it.

2. In the NICU, you sported the faux hawk, courtesy of a fun nurse.  We kept it this way for a month or so.

3. Later, your head grew faster than your hair, so you had a mullet...  Your hair also grew in lighter, so you had a blonde-ish mullet with dark tips.  Classy.

4. Now, you are blonde with a very...shall we say, "distinct" rooster tail.  I really wanted to cut the crazy hair off, but your dad said, "No way."  He thinks it's your "signature" as the Will Man.  Who knew you could have a trademark so early in life!  

Way to rock the rooster tail, dude.


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