Thursday, August 22, 2013

Left-Sided Miracles

Will's prognosis is really up in the air.  We have heard things like cerebral palsy, issues with high/low tone, vision impairments, leg braces, learning disabilities, more seizures, etc, but no one can really say, for sure, what the future holds for him.  In search of some more definitive answers, one of our doctors did some digging and found a case study of a little boy who had had similar seizures and strokes in similar parts of his brain.  

This little boy's entire left side was paralyzed.


Since then, I have been watching Will's left side like a an insane hawk.

Every kick, every punch, every push and wiggle...was that his right side or his left?  Right.......breathe, swallow, wait, pray...  Right...  Left!!  Right...  Right...  Left!!!!!  

I am so thrilled to testify to the Lord's goodness in saying that both of Will's little arms and legs and eyes and ears are working equally well.

I can still hear our neurologist's words ringing in my ears...  "In the spectrum of strokes, your son has had two, LARGE ones.  He's suffered a very significant injury."

Every left-handed punch, and every left-footed kick, and every left-eyed squint is a miracle.  We are seeing a lot of miracles these days.

The Lord is so, so good to us.

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  1. you should post Naomi's video of him rolling all over the place like a mad man. :) he's quite good at rolling. :)


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