Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dear Will - Four Months!

Happy Four Months, little Will Bug!

You're sure getting big!  You're in medium gDiapers and size 2 regular diapers.  You are completely out of all of your newborn and 3 months clothes, and you're wearing almost all 6 and 9 month clothes.  You're starting to get wider and thicker and are looking like a little boy more and more every day!

You can roll from your tummy to your back, if you really want to.  Auntie Micah taught you how!  And, you've rolled from your back to your tummy once in your crib when we weren't looking.  Way to be sneaky!  We think you will start rolling more and more soon, because you twist to your side a lot and move around in your crib all over the place.  We'll put you in your crib one way, come back to check on you, and find you turned a 180!

You are taking after you cousin, Lydia, and starting to sound like a little screech owl.  You still talk in your regular voice, but you've figured out how to screech more high-pitched.  When you first did that, I was sure you were angry, but you smiled at me - you were just having fun!  You giggle a lot now and hardly ever stop smiling.  I think I said this earlier, but if I had a nickel for every person that said you were social and smiley, I'd be a rich lady.  You flirt and coo and smile at everyone.

You aren't sleeping through the night quite as well anymore.  You went from not waking up at all, or just once...and now you are waking up two and three times to guzzle an entire bottle.  You must really be growing!

Even though none have popped up yet, you are teething.  You gnaw and gnaw on your fist (and refuse teething rings), and drool puddles and puddles everywhere.  Are you sure you're not dehydrated?  You are sure losing a lot of spit.

You've gotten your first case of the sniffles just today.  The first of many, probably!  Your nose is a little runny and you sneeze some and don't have quite as much energy as usual.  You're not running a fever, and you sure haven't stopped smiling, so I think you're going to be okay. :)

You still love going on walks, love pulling mommy's hair, you love splashing in the water of your bathtub, and you LOVE being read to.  Your favorites seem to be the very last page of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (the pretty butterfly), and the black and white zebra on the animal book Grandma Bev got for you.

You also really like camping.  You first camping adventure was a success!

You met your new friend, Acacia, who is another baby that was born to the people mommy works with at ATLAS.  So far, all the ATLAS babies are girls, so you are outnumbered!

You have given up nursing almost completely now, you little rascal.  I am still mad at you about this.  Thanks to your auntie Amanda and your new friend Amber, though, you are still exclusively on breast milk.  The Lord is so, so good to provide this for us!

We are having so much fun with you, mister!  You are a treasure to us, and you bring us so much joy!  Love you like cah-razy.

Lots of smooches,

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  1. Link didn't like teething rings either. We let him gnaw on celery (while watching so none came off) it was cool and watery. And he also liked knawing on a wooden stir spoon. He got his first tooth at 3 months and it shocked us.


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