Friday, August 16, 2013

Several Things...

Mark is on a trip to the Boundary Waters, so my mama came to pick Will and I up so that we could drive across the state and spend time with family at the Mississippi this weekend.  The picture is the view outside my bedroom window at my parents' place.  (I miss the hills, bluffs, and woods of NE Iowa.  Sorry, Sioux Center.)

Four reflections on the last day and a half...

1.  Moms are super selfless to drive 5 hours to just come and pick you up.
2. It takes a holy moly heck of a long time to pack up one 3 month old baby and one hopelessly overpacking mama.
3.  While, at first, it seems like a good idea to leave after leading worship at Harp & Bowl (9:30PM) to drive across the state because your baby will sleep the whole way, note to self, it is NOT a good idea.  Your baby will wake up every time a streetlight or car shines light in their face and you will have a terrible time staying awake, since you were up the entire night before with your little guy who wanted to play with Mr. Monkey more than he wanted to sleep.
4. If you find yourself driving long distances at around 3 in the morning, spit sunflower seeds.  You will magically stay awake, think of the most genius ideas you've ever had, and have silly and delusional conversations with the Lord.

Long shirts and leggings are the best post-maternity outfit ever.  This is my uniform.  I'm not kidding.  I wear them

Today, since I am home in Elkader, my mom and I are going to go downtown to visit a cute little shop we've come to love.  I am hoping it is a more enjoyable adventure than it was last month, though.  Last time, the cashier (who used to be my high school English teacher) asked if I was having a boy or a girl...  To which I replied, "Um.  I had a boy...two months ago, thank you very much."  Thank you, deary, for ruining my self-esteem for the next three weeks.  Nevertheless, I do still have fond memories of your unit on Greek mythology.

Will is teething.  He is still smiley and good-natured, but is majorly chomping on his hand and drooling so much I'm positive he will get dehydrated.  Also, he went from drinking about half a bottle to a FULL one, seemingly, overnight.

Happy 33rd anniversary to my parents today!  They taught me that nasty fights don't have to end in divorce, that opposites do work well in balancing each other out, and that keeping Jesus at the center of your marriage is the best thing ever...

The end.

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