Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Power of a Name

I am in love with name meanings.  Do you know what your name means?  Both Mark and I have talked about how crazy our name meanings are - we've totally lived into them.

I like the idea of giving babies names that can be prayed into.  My name means, "consecrated to God", so my mama prayed that I would dedicate my life to the Lord.  I am praying for our friend's baby, Liam Isaac (see above), that he would grow to be a strong protector of the weak and less-fortunate, a protector of his family...that he would be full of joy and laughter, even in the midst of trials.

See how that works?  So wonderful.  

Think of how many times your name has been spoken over you throughout your lifetime.  How many times has truth and blessing been spoken over you, just by uttering your name?  I love how symbolic and prophetic names can be.  May we all be empowered in the knowledge of our names!

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  1. HI! HI LIZA! guess what: my name means 'gift from god'... convenient since mom and dad said they never planned me but i was just a surprise gift from god. :) i love gifts. AND surprises. :) my name is the coolest.


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