Sunday, February 12, 2012

Islands of Adventure

Another adventurous day began at Universal's Islands of Adventure..

My first taste of Butterbeer outside of the Hog's Head.  FYI - It's awesome.  Imagine Root Beer with butterscotch foam on the top!

Hogwarts as the sun started to go down.

Dr. Seuss!  I had One Fish memorized as a kid.  They even had Trufulla Trees and a Green Eggs and Ham food shop. 

Jurassic Park was kind of a let down.

Islandy scenery was delightful.

Lunch in an underwater cave. 

Our favorite ride with Poseidon! 

I did not take any decent pictures at the Super Hero Island.  I blame the Hulk roller coaster.  I almost lost my underwater cave lunch.

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