Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Snow and Leadership

Sand and sun.  They're long gone.  We're in the middle of a snowstorm, folks.  I am not mad about the snow.  I have waited the whole season for a storm like this.  So, even though my wonderful prayer meeting is cancelled, and even though I had to drive an hour and a half through ice and slush and crazy semi trucks, I am loving the cozy and snuggly feeling that comes with big snow flakes, warm blankets and a cup of hot tea. After a day like today, I needed some down time.

In leading a ministry, there are many days that are joy-filled and delightful...full of the Lord's presence in a tangible and electric sort of way.  Today, though, was a day that felt heavy and confusing and a little overwhelming.  Am I really leading in the right direction?  Am I really hearing the Lord's voice?  Sometimes it is tough to have so many people looking at you for direction and for answers when you're not even sure of yourself some days.

Though my leadership is inconsistent and messy and full of mistakes, the Lord's leadership is perfect and good and right.  When I've veered off course, He's been so good about pulling me back onto the right path.  And, when I've messed up, the community I work with in ministry has been gracious and loving.  Praise God for His faithfulness.  Praise Him for instilling so much mercy in my ministry family.  I am blessed!

Thanks, Sara D., for a wonderful chat!  You were a bright spot in my day!  Thanks, Tawni, for your happy Facebook message.  You are the sweetest.

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