Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Mom's Birthday

Yesterday, my mama turned 57.

Just kidding.  She is only 51.  

I'm spending time at home celebrating.  I think I've mentioned that birthdays are a big deal in my family, right?  

My mom is the craziest mom I know.  Some highlights include: 

  • Watching her try to wakeboard last summer.  Let's just say that even getting out of the boat and into the water was quite the adventure.
  • Skipping school to stay at home and have fun together.  Mom would tell the office we were "out of town" because we technically were.  We lived in the country.
  • Her grounding me from the curling iron when I sassed her.  It is awfully embarrassing to go to school with ugly hair in junior high.
  • Her reading Foxes Book of Martyrs to us around the dinner table for devotions.
  • Some crazy awesome theme parties.  She is queen of decorating for parties!
  • Feeding my college friends and I pop-tarts, all while reading the book I'll Love You Forever to us all.
  • Countless days digging through garage sales, thrift stores and garbage cans for cheap treasures.
  • Even more countless emergency bathroom stops (or should I say "squats"?).  When she has to "go", she HAS to GO.
  • Making up songs in the car about driving to grandma's house.  Ask me about our top hit "I've Got My Hand on My Buckle".
  • Decorating every apartment I've ever lived in with nickles and dimes.
  • Setting up tents in our living room and making "nests".
She is funny and silly and gets the giggles often.  She is always up for a dare and will probably never act her age.  She loves Jesus and made sure we all knew about Him at an early age.  She made being a stay-at-home mom seem cool.  She is artsy and creative and the life of the party.

Happy 58 years, Mom!

...oh, I mean 51.


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