Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rainbow Tea Party

Charlotte was BEYOND excited to have her cousins over for "tea."  Every year, Grandma Bev has "Cousins' Club" for a few days in the summer, and last year, we stole away for some extra girly time at our house while the boys went fishing.  

We started things off by making rainbow necklaces.  I fell in love with these silicone beads a few years ago when the kids were younger.  There are so many fun shapes and sizes and beautiful colors available on Etsy.  The best part?  They are crazy durable (made for teething babies) and super safe.  I found a store that included nylon string + break away clasps that were perfect for littler kids to string, knot, and get on and off.

Then we headed inside to get a little gussied up for the party.  Rainbow manicures, complete with some darling little rainbow nail tattoos I found online...  And, rainbow tattoos because WHY NOT?!

Charlotte and I set our tea party table pretty simply.  I wanted the colors to really pop, so we threw a big scrap of black linen-ish fabric over the table.  The "placemats" were big sheets of paper I had printed black + white (aka: super cheap) with a premade rainbow-themed pattern I found online.  Add a few markers from our basement stash, and you have a coloring project waiting to happen.

The paper plates are from Meri Meri brand, which are entirely too expensive for something so disposable, but I am willing to shuck out a few extra bucks when they end up making the whole decor.  #worthit

What's a tea party without favors?!  Skittles (taste the rainbow), glitter nail files for our manicures, silly glasses for our photo shoot, and heart stickers + bows from the Dollar Store.

Our food was pretty simple, too.  White cupcakes from Wal-Mart (so ridiculously inexpensive) with some extra sprinkles + washi tape flags I added, mini sugar cookies (again, thank you, Wal-Mart bakery), rainbow Goldfish (who knew they made them in different colors?!), and some rainbow fruit skewers I forgot to take a picture of, darn it.

Our "tea" was actually strawberry lemonade because what kid actually drinks tea?!  I think I have Joy DeJager to thank for this idea, but I like to buy great lemonade (we love this brand) and then add part of a little tub of thawed frozen + sliced strawberries.  Not healthy, but very, very yummy...

After tea + crumpets, we were off to do some crafting.  I may have been a little too excited to have a reason to buy new paint + glitter from Target.  I continue to love their Handmade Modern line!

Didn't they turn out cute?!

We had a little play dough kit for early finishers, too.  I posted a similar one on the blog HERE a while back.

We finished with a quick little photo shoot.  The props were enlarged graphics from the pattern I printed on the placemats, and then attached to some popsicle sticks.  Easy peasy.

Here's to many more Cousins' Club tea parties!  Thanks for playing with us, Hannah + Sam.  We sure missed you, Lydia!  

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