Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pocahontas Dough

I was just beginning to feel the waves of "morning" (aka: ALL STINKING DAY) sickness with our third pregnancy when Charlotte started playing with this Pocahontas play dough kit.  Still, looking at these pictures make me a little nauseous.  Aren't associations weird?  I will ask the Lord about that one someday...

We had just watched the Pocahontas movie for the first time with the kids, and Charlie was enthralled.  I thought she'd have tons of fun with a new Pocahontas kit...and she did...but not in the ways I intended!

She quickly took Pocahontas and Meeko and played with them separately.  And then, took all the other goodies and made "sparkle gardens" and tiny "sugar cookies." 

Aren't they beautiful?

Regardless, this little ensemble came in handy when I was laying on the couch days and weeks and months later, sick as a dog.  I count that as a success! 

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