Friday, May 18, 2018

Our Omaha Zoo Trip

By now, you have caught on to the fact that I'm catching up in the blogging world - posting about things that have long since past, but still want record of.

By now, you have also probably realized that I blog more often for myself than for you.  I am keenly aware of how often I post things that the general public could care less about.  I pay no attention to the prime days and times and algorithms professional bloggers encourage - all in hopes of gaining more hits and followers.  I really could care less about those things.  I just like to write and I like to remember...and blogging is a format I enjoy writing and remembering on.  So shoot me, folks.

Here's another post probably only my family cares about, and yet another post that is a good year overdue.  You're welcome.

We had already planned to head to NE Iowa to spend time with my family over the Fourth of July, so we decided to take a little two-day detour and hang out in Omaha on the way.  I really shouldn't say "on the way" because it was very out of the way BUT, I only had to pack the kids and the car once, so we were #winning in my book.

We ended up visiting the zoo on one of the hottest days of the summer (at least it felt like it), but we had so much fun, we didn't hear any complaints.  Right when we felt like we couldn't stand the heat any longer, we'd head over to a biodome or the IMAX theater or eat in an air conditioned restaurant with a view of the monkeys.  It ended up being perfect.

I'm not sure if there is a scientifically researched "perfect" age to visit a zoo like this, but I would like to submit that ages 3 and 4 are pretty great.  Our kids were young enough to be absolutely enthralled with every exhibit, yet old enough to do a lot of walking on their own, skip naps and have an attention span conducive to getting our money's worth.  Hooray.

And speaking of money's worth, it would have been well worth it all to just visit the aquarium portion and see Will's reaction to it all.  He has been fascinated with the ocean for the past two years, so to see so many creatures in real life was a dream come true for him.  The best part?  Will excitedly, and breathlessly running around pointing out and naming fish before we could read the placards to him.  Who knew that was a lionfish?!  Or a anglerfish?  Will did, that's who.

Our hotel stay ended up being almost as fun as the zoo itself. 

The kids had just gotten new floaties and had so much fun figuring them out.  They were absolutely positive they were swimming on their own and so darn proud of it. 

We ordered food in, watched too many Toonies, and slept about as well as you could have with two wiggly toddlers along.  It was great.

A very special thanks to our Uncle Brent for gifting us hotel points!  We love you!

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