Thursday, May 17, 2018

Friday Favorites

Sharing some of our favorites this Friday!
  1. Charlotte is going through a spurt and outgrew ALL her shoes this season.  I had scoured the racks of some second hand stores in the area, but didn't find anything, so we splurged and bought THESE for everyday + errands, and THESE for dresses + church.  Every summer, I also buy each kid the next size of knock off Crocs at Wal-Mart - they are absolutely ugly and ridiculous looking, but they really do the job when it comes to messy, outside play!  Speaking of shoes, THESE are MY summer shoe purchase.  I had found a similar pair for triple the price that I was eyeing for months, but couldn't justify the money.  Target, to the rescue!
  2. Every weekend, we let the kids wind down at night by watching parts of a movie.  Our entire family has loved Rio + How to Train Your Dragon (1+2).  
  3. THIS spice on mashed avocado with chips > most guacamole.  Seriously.
  4. I would like to declare Northwestern College as one of my Friday Favorites for giving several weeks paternity leave to their employees who are dads.  Thinking about having a new baby, and knowing that Mark will be much more available and "around" to help with our big kids this summer feels dreamy.  
  5. THIS app makes keeping in touch at work and with family + friends so much more doable for a busy mama with crazy kids.  Thanks, 2018.


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