Tuesday, January 30, 2018

We Heart Preschool Co-Op

Do any of you have a preschool co-op?  It was a new thing to me - had never heard of it - until we moved to Sioux Center.  Instead of sending Will to three-year-old preschool, we got together with six other families who also had three year olds and chose one morning a week to focus on an alphabet letter together.

Will loved it and really thrived.  It was a perfect introduction to school, following directions, sharing with friends, learning simple rules and everything else good about preschool - all within the comfort of our own homes - with a much less intense schedule.

Each mama took a turn hosting and teaching the lesson, and we threw in a handful of simple field trips to spice things up. 

The teacher in me loved planning themed lessons (which, when you think about it, is almost like a theme party, so hooray) and it was fun to spend a little extra special time with Will as he learned and experienced some new things.

The very first lesson we hosted was on the letter C.  C is for Cookies, Cows + Colors!  If you haven't read The Cow Loves Cookies before, you really should.  And, use it as an excuse to actually eat cookies too, please.  Your preschooler will love you for it.

Charlotte is only a year behind him, so now we are doing another co-op with her and having a similarly great experience.  We look forward to our preschool days together!


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