Monday, January 29, 2018

Naps with Will

Will and I share the same innate rhythm in life. 

Left to ourselves and without bothersome things like schedules and school, we would stay up until 1AM - after everyone else has gone to sleep, enjoying the quiet with time to think and tinker and read.  

Then, we'd sleep in until around 9:30 - slow to wake up and get our bearings.  We'd be ready to deal with the world around noon.  

We'd be overwhelmed with the world by 3 and want to go home to take a nap until 4, which would totally enable us to stay up until 1 again.  

In total, I am at my best with about 10 hours of sleep.  Will is too.  

I'm just waiting for the world and our culture to catch up (or should I say "slow down?") to our style of living.   

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