Sunday, August 14, 2016

What I Just Did (I Couldn't Help It)

I couldn't help it.  I tried to stay strong and level-headed.  I tried to talk myself out of it.  Seriously.  For MONTHS I tried.

Because, after all, I do not have time for another thing in my life.  It is crazy, CRAZY busy enough.  

And, let's be honest, direct sales companies tend to be annoying.  Like, super annoying.  AND, if I was invited to another "buy my stuff" party, I just might have flipped out.  

But then I got bit by the Noonday bug.  

I saw my friends wearing the accessories and jewelry.  I started to swoon, but I was so used to buying necklaces at H&M for, like, two dollars, I wrote it off.

But then I KEPT seeing my friends wearing Noonday bling, started hearing bits and pieces about the company/ministry, and started to open back up.  What WAS this stuff about, anyway?

Later, a Noonday Ambassador asked me to host a trunk show.  But I heard the word "party."  A party?  I love parties!  I will decorate!  I will invite my friends!  I will spend all hours of the night cutting out paper doilies and assembling Pinterest-perfect appetizers with joy and thanksgiving in my heart!!!  What's this party about?  Doesn't matter!  It's a PARTY, I mean trunk show.  Back to Pinterest...

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase and say my Ambassador was sweet, the accessories she brought were STUNNING, incredibly well-made, and so worth the investment.  And, the STORIES!  They were the best part.  The stories she shared about empowerment and fair trade and sustainability and providing dignified jobs were so moving.

Yes, I will buy ALL THE THINGS and support women and children across the globe!  
So though I'm not crazy about direct sales companies, I am crazy about women having flexible (read: kid-friendly) opportunities to provide for their families.  Though I'm not crazy about peddling jewelry to people, I am crazy about sharing stories of life transformation and empowerment.  Though I am not crazy about asking people to "buy my stuff," I am crazy about asking others to support incredible causes.  I am crazy about kingdom work and ministry in the world.  And though I'm not crazy about hosting parties...oh wait...I AM crazy about hosting parties.  

So there you have it...  

I went and became a Noonday Ambassador.  

All the pretty jewelry and accessories aside, (did I mention it's all REALLY pretty?!) the best part is that together we can build a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs and we are connected.  

Bam.  Fist pumps and high fives.  Let's do this!  Anybody want to book a trunk show?!?!  Have your people call my people.


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