Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bucket List Family Fun

We are a busy family.  But really, aren't we all?  

About a year ago, I started getting a little depressed about how entire seasons seemed to fly by without us doing many special or celebratory sorts of things.  We were too busy to have much free time and when we did have an unexpected few hours pop up, my brain felt too fried and exhausted to dream up any exciting activities.  Without much inspiration, we'd rent another Redbox or lounge around the house, bored.

Well, guys, I got fed up.  Enter the Bucket List...

I brainstormed a handful of simple, short, cheap - but really fun - activities that we might like to do in the fall season.  I searched on Pinterest for a few extra ideas and inspiration, and just listed them all out on a Google Doc.  The list found its home on a dollar store clipboard and, what do you know, as the season wore on, we steadily began checking things off the list.  

Caramel apples, a trip to Pumpkinland, begging Papa for a hayride, gathering the prettiest leaves on our walk, one last campfire on a Saturday night, baking pumpkin cookies...  The fall seemed to light up and become a lot more celebratory.  I took fun pictures of the kids, Mark made some silly memories with them.  Overall, we finally took advantage of the small moments to have some purposeful fun.  

And, now, we've made it a year!  Four whole bucket lists - one for each season - are in the books.  This September, we'll start another fall list - I'll delete a few activities that were lame and the kids may have grown out of, I'll add a few new ideas, but much will stay the same.  I hope the things that stay the same will start to feel like family traditions and rhythms - things we look forward to enjoying together every season!

So.  Who's with me!?  I'd love to help YOUR family have some fun together!

Purchase this Etsy listing for a customizable Bucket List of your own!  I am happy to include your own suggestions or send you a pre-made copy.  

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