Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Will's Tools Birthday Party

Well, it's four months late, but I'm finally getting around to posting Will's Tools Party...  Months earlier, I had asked him what kind of party he wanted.  I listed Cars, Mater, Planes, Superman and a million other themes, but he picked tools - and stuck with tools the entire time.  He was darn sure he wanted a TOOLS party, mom.

I should also say this was the most fun we've had leading up to the party.  He was turning three and finally understood what was coming - we got to be excited together and talk about the upcoming special festivities for weeks.  It was the best.

I am finding each party is a little easier and budget-friendly to pull off.  The more practice I get in cutting some corners and getting by with things we already have, the better I get at it.  It's also helpful to continue to purchase party bowls and tins and other things in neutral colors that can be used at any party.  More and more, these things keep reappearing!  

I needed something to add a little height to the table and something to display the dessert - my usual white, frilly cake stands didn't really do the trick this time.  Enter IKEA step stool - usually used in our bathroom, but what the heck!  The yellowish tool box was already in our toys closet, too.

All the stand-up tools were just graphics I found online and printed on thick card stock, black and white.  From there, I colored them with our "theme" colors, cut them out, and put them on some self-sticking popsicle sticks from Wal-Mart.  I had extras of the big ice cream cups, but I think they were originally from Shop Sweet Lulu (Don't go there, because you will dump your life savings on balloons and striped straws).

Will has a peanut allergy, which means virtually all store-bought birthday cakes and cupcakes are off-limits.  And, baking is NOT my strong suit, we made some Oreo pudding fluff and put them in these ice cream cups.  Not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but it was tasty AND Will could actually eat it, so it's a win in my book.

Guys, these little tool aprons were 50 cents.  Or maybe 70.  I can't remember, but they were cheap.  Yay, party favors!  For Will's "kid" friends, we put colored pencils, little clipboards and coloring sheets inside.  Also, some candy and super cheap-o foam tools from Oriental Trading.

The grown-up party attenders received real tools.  This is probably the first and last time the MEN were more excited to get the party favors than the ladies.  I was ecstatic to realize the Wal-Mart tool department had their own mini dollar section complete with mini levels, extension cords, and small screwdrivers.  We added a roll of DUCT TAPE because, hello...  And candy.  Don't forget the candy.  Everything was wrapped up in the same Home Depot aprons.  

Balloons make one of the most dramatic statements for the least amount of money.  They are big, they are tall, and they come in every color of the rainbow.  BUY BALLOONS, guys.

Will loves his burgers.

Will was supposed to wear the mini-tool apron, but no cigar.  Leave it to Charlotte to play dress up.

Will's dear Auntie Mikey sent a huge box full of little presents and LOTS of confetti.  My living room was a disaster and I am still finding little confetti pieces, but it was WORTH IT.  Just look at those crazy faces.

We went to the park after.  Can you tell?

And, for your viewing pleasure, here is Will in his yellow hardhat, having a post party poop.  With my sunglasses and a fly swatter.  Because, you just never know what will happen when you poop.

I am always left with a post-party, non-alcoholic hangover.  Party planning and hosting is work, but it is work I am crazy about.  I just love pulling out all the stops and celebrating.  With the rough health history we have had with our kiddos, it seems even more fitting to celebrate healthy, crazy, growing, perfect children.  (Insert all the warm fuzzies here.)

And now, my friends, on to Charlotte's party, which is only in a few days.  YAY, PARTIES.


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