Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On Delightfully Normal and Average Sorts of Things...

For those of you that read one of my recent posts, I thought I should update you a bit on a special blessing...

We drove all the way to Sioux Falls yesterday, and again, I majorly dreaded our list of appointments - again.  However, I did NOT cry all the way back to Sioux Center, praise the Lord.  We had a couple of happy appointments.  They were delightfully normal.  Will is in the seventy-something percentile for his weight and height separately.  He is in the third percentile for his height and weight combined - he is a tall, skinny dude.  His pediatrician had wonderfully normal things to say about his development, the resident that has been researching things for us had hope-filled things to say about Will's progress, the occupational therapist was pleased with his performance so far and gave us helpful tips for more exercises...  Will smiled and gurgled and cooed through every appointment.  Today, when we met with our physical therapist (not to be confused with the occupational therapist - there are so many doctors and nurses and residents and therapists to keep track of these days!), Will scored completely average for his age and development.

A couple of the therapists have tried to get Will to follow a rattle or toy with his eyes - right to left, up and down, etc.  Evidently, that is some sort of milestone for two month development.  Will miserably fails this test, almost every time.  BUT, it is because he is so dang social.  He looks right past the toys and just hams it up smiling and cooing and whoever's face is in front of him.  Now when someone's FACE moves right to left, up and down, he aces the heck out of the test.  Silly boy...

Anyway, we have a ton to be thankful for.  We have plenty of exercises and appointments to continue to stay on top of, but for now, I am just dwelling and rejoicing in some of the normalcy.  I am making a Shutterfly book with Will's pictures to celebrate.  I am also telling the Lord how fantastic He is - often.  In the midst of the rejoicing and the yucky stuff He is just as good and faithful as ever.

Speaking of the Lord's faithfulness, I sang this song at Mark and I's wedding 2 1/2 years ago.



  1. so very happy to read this report :D praying for you often!

  2. Liza that song was sung beautifully! I want to introduce myself I am Gina Corbin I live in Sioux Falls,SD. but I am originally from Sioux Center,and I still belong by Membership at First Reformed Church in Sioux Center where your Husband and yourself Minister or Serve our Congregation ! I am 38 years old,and I have Multiple Medical Issues,and Disabilities! I have been aware of your son's birth since he was born,and am following your caringbridge sight,and now your blog! Welcome to First Reformed Church,Glad your with us!

  3. he is the most BEAUTIFUL man i've ever SEEN! i love the thumbnail of him :)


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