Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Will - Seven Weeks

Dear Will,

You are almost 7 weeks old now.  

You are growing fast!  You are over 10 pounds, and starting to fit into 3 months clothes...except for pants.  You have a tiny waist and no butt.  

You are SO smiley and social.  If I had a nickel for every time someone commented about how social and interactive you are, I'd be a millionaire.  You don't really care about toys - you just want to look at people's faces, smile at them, and coo and gurgle your stories to them.  Sometimes you stop sucking your bottle or nursing, just to take a break to smile at me.  When you wake up on your own, you are super smiley and happy.  When I wake you up, you are very, very grouchy.  

The braces on your hands (see pic) are working well!  Instead of you clenching your thumbs into your fist, you are relaxing your hands more, and sometimes your thumbs even go outside your fist now!  Hooray for occupational therapy and little therapy gadgets.

You went to your first wedding last weekend!  You were so good.  Your buddies, Grant and Emily, held you the whole way through so that daddy could usher and mama could sing, and you didn't make a peep.  Good job.

You sleep very well at night.  Last night, you went to sleep at 9 PM, woke up at 2 AM to eat, and slept again until 7 AM.  You are so nice.  You must know how important mama's sleep is to her.

We are doing tummy time like crazy, and I think your neck is getting stronger!  Your physical therapists are helping us with lots of exercises and ways to help you grow strong and big.  I have started to do massage with you, too.  I think you like it - but only because it is another opportunity to smile and talk to each other.  Well, I take that back.  You  like it when I massage your legs, but your toes are ticklish, I think.  I will try not to tickle you so much in the future, okay, buddy?

You have a major receding hair line.  Your head is growing faster than your hair, so you are getting a mullet, kind of.  Classy.  Good thing you are still adorable.

You spit up...a lot.  I am doing laundry like crazy, and I make you wear a bib almost all the time.  You are a happy spitter, though.  After you puke, you usually smile and think it's funny.  You are SUCH a boy.

We have more doctor appointments scheduled for you to talk about your medications and to get some second opinions on some things.  I am trying to research your conditions and your meds so we can ask good questions.  We don't like having you on such strong medication and are nervous about its side effects.  We are also pretty skeptical about giving you your two-month vaccines, but that's a whole other story.  We are praying that God would help us make good decisions for you, little man.  We are doing the best we can!

We love you, so, so much, Will!  Happy 7 weeks.

Love, Your Mama


  1. Beautiful! He's terrific. Thank you.

  2. Liza,
    Our hospital doctor told us not to worry about vaccines except for Pertusis (Whopping Cough) because it is the easiest to get for little ones and hard to deal with in a baby. He said he didn't even give his kids the other vaccines until they were older (like 12). Check out Dr. Sear's book "Vaccines" for some help. It is so unbiased I found it justified me not getting vaccines and my sister-in-law read the same book and found it justified her getting them all. Just very informative.


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