Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dear Will - Two Months!

Dear Will,

Happy Two Months!  You made it!  Hooray!

You are still as smiley and as social as ever.  

Your hair is cah-razy...  You have the hair you were born with - which has turned really blonde - plus new hair that is coming in and pushing ALL your hair straight up.  No matter how hard I try to comb it down, you always look like you stuck your little finger in a light socket.  

We are slowly transitioning into cloth diapers...finally!  You initiated the new diapers well - with some snazzy blowouts.  

You just hate tummy time.  It breaks my heart to have to force you to do your exercises and physical therapy so much.  I hate, hate, hate making you cry.  I think your neck is growing a little stronger, though, so we are so excited for you!  Keep working hard, buddy.  We're proud of you!

You went to another wedding this weekend!  You met lots and lots of your daddy's friends.  And, you were so well-behaved!  What a gentleman you are...  

You are still really long and skinny, but I think you are plumping up a bit in your cheeks and thighs.  I'm anxious to see how much weight you've gained!

You are still sleeping pretty well at night.  You scared me about a week ago when you slept a full 8 hours!  I woke up scared, ran into your nursery and thought you'd be dead.  Silly me - you were just snoozing away.  Normally, you only wake up once during the night to eat.  Good job.

Somehow, we've started to call you Bug.  You're our little Will Bug.  Mr. Bug-A-Boo!  

You are such a morning baby.  You wake up with smiles and coos.  You are so your daddy's boy.  How about you chat with him for a few hours in the AM while I keep sleeping??

You are really turning into a little man.  Before, it seemed like you were a teeny, tiny, fragile, little creature...but now, you are turning into a real little boy.  Oh, how we love you!


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