Monday, May 23, 2016

Currently: Charlotte

Charlotte is ALL about sand these days.  Last summer, Grammy's sand box took quite a beating, so this year, a friend gave us their hand-me-down sand table.  Our next door neighbors also put in a big, traditional sand box.  It's only the end of May, and between the two destinations, she's logged 40 hours+...  I'm sure of it.

We have a random dirt pile in our backyard, which also gets plenty of attention.  Because, you know, dirt and children are magnetic.  Charlie will beg for help to get to the top of the pile, "Hep! Hep, Mamaaa!"  And then slide down on her stomach (I hope you are imagining the stains of dirt that accompany this) and announce proudly, "I diddit!  I diddit!"  

High fives, Charlie Sue, you did it.

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