Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Current Facts : Will

Color : Blue, maybe?  Regardless, you know ALL your colors.  Even the weird ones.

Toy/s : Still Matchbox cars, ball + tee, soccer ball, big plastic zoo animals

Food/s : You are finally eating just about everything!  Very slowly, mind you, but I'll take it.  You love chips, pizza, spinach salad, Teddy Grahams, and cookies, of course.

Words : "Holy 'mokes!"  "Hey, friends!  How you doin'?"  "Poop is not muddy.  No.  It's goss.  Only dirt muddy.  We don't play with poop.  No.  That's naughty."

TV : The Cars movies, The Lion King sequels

Outfit : athletic shorts, a tee shirt and dirty crocs

Accomplishments : You pee AND poop in the potty!  You also put your dishes away, put your shoes on and take care of Charlie.  You can hit a ball when Daddy pitches sometimes, too!

Game : Beat boxing and dancing with Daddy.  You love to play rice and in other sensory tubs.  "Want to play baseball wit me?"  You like to play catch with your baseball glove and ball in the house.

Animal/s : You are obsessed with birds.  Robins are nice and Black Birds are mean, according to you.

Song/s : Shout Your Name + Strong Love.  "Jon moosik..."

Funnies : Some of my laundry must have made its way into your room.  We found you sound asleep with my underwear around your neck.  Also, you refuse to kiss me on the cheek.  You will take both your hands and hold my head, hard, until you can plant a sloppy on right on my lips.

Book/s : Usborne Zoo book (you read this in the bathroom every time you poop), Trucks book that makes noises...

Best Friend : Cubey.  Always Cubey.

Fascinations : Flies.  You love to help Daddy "soot flies" (shoot flies, swat flies), and then love to pick up their dead bodies and gloat, like you've really accomplished something cool.  You LOVE to watch them fly around and get really quiet to watch and sneak up on them.

Favorite Outside Activity : Play with the kids!, playing on the dirt pile in the back corner of our yard.

Drink : Water, smoothies

In Bed at Night : Cubey, and you throw all your sheets, bedding and pillows on the floor.

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