Monday, August 31, 2015

A Perfect Gift for ANYone!

You guys.  Mark turned thirty this year.  THIRTY.

Months before the big day, I was stressing over what to DO for this milestone birthday.  He is not a huge fan of big parties, I knew he wouldn't want a million people involved, and he is so not materialistic.  This makes for difficult celebrating and gift-giving.

...until I remembered the way to a man's heart is through is stomach...

And really, men and women have stomachs and like to EAT and DRINK, so this idea is, in my mind, perfect for anyone you are looking to bless.

Enter, the THIRSTY THIRTY...  (insert other catchy titles for other birthdays...)

Thirty days before his big day, I gifted him with a special drink (and sometimes a snack, too!) each day.  Hardly any drinks or snacks needed special prep time.  Selfish as it may seem, I planned around my own schedule and offered easy drinks on busy days, and drinks/food that took more preparation on slower days.

We used...

  • Different forms of brewed coffee - french press, espresso, americano, his favorite ground coffee in our regular coffee pot, etc.
  • Store-bought coffee drinks - Starbucks Frappuccinos, Iced Coffees, and Doubleshots
  • Homemade shakes and smoothies - from chocolate ice cream shakes to spinach and protein smoothies!
  • Store-bought Arnie Palmers, Arizona teas, and his favorite purple Gatorades
  • Beers! - our local Hy-Vee and Fareway offer a "Pick 6" where you are able to customize your own 6-pack, choosing from a wide variety of seasonal, craft, local and seasonal beers.  
When I was out buying all the drinks, I also threw in some easy snacks - beef jerky, special salsa, guacamole, nutella, Combos, and other munchies he likes!

The verdict?  Mark LOVED it.  Some days, he'd run straight to the fridge after work to see if he had a surprise beer waiting...  Other days, he'd ask if he could have an "advance" - a special coffee and beer and smoothie in one day...  (insert eye roll...)

Now, he is asking if I will forgo regular presents and just do this sort of thing EVERY year...  

...I think our budget will require something else, though, when he gets to be 94.

Regardless, this is a perfect idea for anyone with a stomach, whether they are 30 or 37 or 84.  I am even thinking about how fun it would be to rehash for a kid - juice boxes, smoothies, special snacks!  Just customize the drinks to your liking and gift away!


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