Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dear Will - Two and a Half Weeks

Dear Will,

You are two and a half weeks old already!  

You smile, but we still have to work really hard for those smiles...  Will you give them out more freely soon?  Please?  

Once, I could tell you were dreaming.  You smiled really big and then giggled.  I think Jesus was giving you a dream about getting into mischief with your daddy.

You don't cry very much, which I am really thankful for.  You do cry when your dad and I are dwadling around changing your diaper or clothes and you just want to EAT.  Sorry about that...

We can tell you're irritated when you start to kick and punch your little fists.  You can kick and punch up a storm!  I know you are upset, but we can't help but think you are really cute when you pitch such a fit.  You were so rowdy in my tummy - now I know what you were up to in there!

Your skin is still peeling like crazy. 

You are such a boy.  You will grunt and grunt and hold your breath and push until you pass gas (as loudly as your dad) or poop your pants with gusto.  Really Will, it would be more polite if you were a little more subtle about it, but I suppose a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.  I forgot to mention that your burps are very loud, too.  You are ALL boy.

The last two nights, you just haven't been able to get settled.  You will only sleep when I hold you and then we fall asleep together for hours.  I am wondering if physical touch will be your love language?

You are kind of lazy when it comes to eating.  You get really worked up about being hungry in general (also like your dad), but then when you get what you want, you either overeat until you puke...or you just fall asleep eating.  Either way, you love to eat.  You are growing fast!  

You cross your feet, one over the other, like daddy, too.  If I put socks on you, one falls off, inevitably, within about three minutes.

I like to sing to you when I rock you in the nursery.  Our favorites are "All night, all day, angels watchin' over little Will..." and hymns.  Hymns?!  Who knew we would love to sing the oldies together.  Your dad likes to sing "Lean On Me" with you - even though he doesn't really know the words to the song.  I have also caught him singing "Hakuna Matata" with you - he doesn't really know those words either, but he is very enthusiastic in singing made up words with you.

Your daddy likes to call you his "little dude nugget"...  Weird, I know.  He said that it is because you are like a real dude - a real man, but you are a nugget.  Like a chicken nugget?!  Not sure.  Ask him about that someday.

Love you lots.  Looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day AND your dad's birthday tomorrow!  Hooray!

-Your Mama

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