Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Friends!  Summer is over.  Yikes.  I can't believe it went so fast!  I haven't been keeping up with blogging about all of our summer happenings so this is a miscellaneous grab bag post with a few pictures and a few highlights.


My dad runs an airport in Northeast Iowa.  Almost every summer, fungus starts growing on the corn, and aphids start attacking the beans. dad's aeropuerto starts buzzing with spray planes.  The day we were there, there were about 8 of these planes coming in and out and getting all fueled up for their next fungus-killing mission.  Fun to watch!  I am upset with whoever designed spray planes, though.  I really wish they would have added a passenger's seat so I that I could ride along sometimes.  Rats.

Mark and I visited family, and my sister, Micah, and I accidentally dressed alike.  Can you tell we're sisters?  She is trying to mimic my "Liza smile" in this picture.  To Micah - What the heck is a Liza smile?  I hope it is a nice thing.

Mark and I were in a wedding in July.  Congrats to Brett and Kari!  We are trying to look BA in our cheap Wal-Mart aviators.  Did it work?

Mark and I visited the Verne Drive-In for a date night!  We DO recommend the drive-in.  We do not recommend the movie Cowboys vs. Aliens.  I am a sucker for almost all sci-fi movies, but not this one. Dear Harrison Ford, What were you thinking?  I like Han better.

Happy Fall, folks!  Hope you enjoyed your summers.

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