Sunday, September 4, 2011


It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day today.  I woke up early to do some cooking and cleaning (the in-laws were coming over) and opened all the windows.  A while later, I caught a whiff of a campfirey-fallish sort of smell in the air.  Love.

"Mark!  Smell that!  Yum.  It smells like fall."

10 minutes later...

"Our neighbors must be having a campfire!  Doesn't it smell like a campfire, Mark?  Campfires are wonderful."

10 minutes later...

"Lord, you are so nice to me.  You know how much I love fall, fresh air coming through the windows and campfires.  You're so great."

10 minutes later...

"Mark, maybe we should shut the windows...  Our whole house is going to smell like a campfire pretty soon.  It's kind of strong."

10 minutes later...

"MARK.  Shut. The. Windows.  It smells like a smokestack in here."

5 minutes later...

Great.  Mark's parents are going to be here any second and our apartment is rank.  We will not even be able to taste our food over the hillbilly campground smell.

30 seconds later...I started unloading the dishwasher.

I found one of my wooden spoons in the bottom of the dishwasher, on top of the water heater coil, sizzling.

"Um, Mark?  It was not a campfire.  You can open the windows again."



  1. so, so funny. wait until you host Thanksgiving for the first time....wait, I need to talk to Mark before you do that. Seriously, I do. love you!

  2. Liza, I have done the SAME thing! And, our conversation was about the same as yours. I hope that you are more successful at getting rid of the smell than I was. Our apartment smelled for days and even when we moved out months later I could still smell it in the dishwasher. yuck!

  3. Just read this and it made me laugh out loud. Super funny!


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