Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Phew! Mark and I have been catching up from a crazy few weeks. One week, we geared up for Young Life camp. The next week, we went to camp. Then, the following week, we recuperated. Castaway Camp - a Young Life camp near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota - was amazing. The vast majority of the high school students that attended say that, hands down, it was the best week of their life. The camp is more like a resort, and the kids had tons of crazy fun wakeboarding, tubing, rock-climbing, zip-lining, parasailing, having dance parties... Even more than that, countless staff members and leaders served selflessly, initiated deep conversations, invested in kids, gave their testimonies, proclaimed the Gospel and, overall, poured out a lot of Jesus' love. It was really unlike anything I had seen before in ministry. Such good stuff.

We're praising God for the work He did (and continues to do) in the lives of students. Many kids made first-time commitments, recommitments and/or took some pretty big steps in going deeper with the Lord. I'm so crazy excited to see how God continues to move in them. I'm praying for God to raise up a wholehearted generation for Him - lovesick worshipers, selfless leaders, compassionate ministers...who are all full of faith and full of the Spirit. Yeow! Let it happen, God!

I stayed in the Adult Guest Lodge at Castaway. SO nice! Had this beautiful room and bathroom to myself - walkout patio and lakefront view! Anyway, adults are invited to stay at Castaway to get a bird's eye view of what happens at camp and Young Life. They are welcome to join in the activities or do their own thing. Overall, it's so fun to see God move in kids' lives first-hand. We were able to encourage and pray for them while we stayed.

Here are two of the ladies from our Sioux Falls area that came to stay in the adult guest lodge too. Another gal came, but the picture with her in it didn't turn out as well! Sorry, Melanie!

These are a few of the girls I hung out with one afternoon. They are so wonderful. We went sailing and I risked my life to save us! ...that is mostly true. Just ask them. They'll tell you.
This is a picture of part of the group! They are so fun.

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