Friday, June 10, 2011

Vacation Part I

St. Croix Falls is beautiful. If you like quaint, artsy, organic, outdoorsy sorts of things, you will love this place. Here are some highlights by our 2-night camping venture there…

Our Campsite! - #25 is the best campsite in the park. Down the staircase, into a cute little cubby in the trees…beyond the trees, the St. Croix River and the sound of a little waterfall…back up the staircase and up the trail a few minutes, well, you end up at Dairy Queen. Score. I recommend the Banana Cream Pie Mini-Blizzard.

The Lucky Cup Coffee Shop – Oh.My.Word. So delightful. There is something about privately-owned coffee shops that make me happy inside. This place stole my heart. Lots of bright colors, vintage frames, local art, lots of repurposed furniture and thrift store finds. I had some freshly brewed darker-than-dark coffee (forget the name of the brew, but it was awesome), and a blueberry scone. Two additional “perks” – the scone was fresh and warm from the oven, and the dish it was served on was a work of art in itself. OH MY, how I want to own a coffee shop someday.

The River – The St. Croix River is beautiful! We saw lots of cliff edges, evergreens, waterfalls…everything looked like a Bob Ross painting. I will let some of these pictures speak for themselves! We hiked on several little trails around the river and went on a canoeing adventure to enjoy some of the scenery. So much fun.

Artsy Details – Cute signs, charming little restaurants and wineries, organic farms on the countryside, whole food stores, cobblestone streets and porch swings. This place had it all.
On to Amnicon State Park!

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