Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Engaged - A Year Ago!

One more anniversary, and then I promise I'll drop the issue until October! One year ago, we got engaged! Woo hoo! Here are some fun memories...

Mark had enlisted my best friend, Alisha, to scout out my ring preferences. She lied to me one summer day, told me we needed to go to the mall to have her sister's wedding ring cleaned, and conned me into browsing through fun rings while we waited for the "cleaning". Behind the scenes, Mark had talked to the lady at the jewelry store and told her we'd be coming in. She knew all the right questions to ask me and passed on all the information to Mark. The above photo is what Mark wrote out for Alisha to figure out. Did I want a solitaire? Add-ons? Jackets? Yikes. All that stuff is still Greek to me, but Mark knew it all forwards and backwards!

One year ago was the special day! Mark sent me on a scavenger hunt that covered all of our "firsts." Here's a list of all of the stops he planned for me.

To get me on the scavenger hunt, Mark told me we'd be heading to the Twin Cities to spend time with his friends and go to Valley Fair. We DID end up going, just a day late. To convince me that we were actually leaving on the day he SAID we'd be leaving...and because he knows I am one smart and observant cookie...he "fake" packed. If we would have left without his duffle bag, I would've known something was up!

This is the list of bible verses at the last stop in the scavenger hunt that I had to read. By the time I read the Ephesians 5 passage about husbands loving wives, I knew what I was in for. :)

I've been wearing this pretty baby for a whole year now! Craziness. I know I am a little biased, but I really do think my ring is the best one ever. Sorry, folks.

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