Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eight Months!

We've been married eight months! Yikes! To celebrate God's faithfulness in giving us eight months together, here are eight things I appreciate about Mark.

  1. Mark is hot. Yes, he is attractive. But, I'm talking more about his temperature. I am naturally cold - all the time. Mark is naturally hot - all the time. He keeps me warm.
  1. Mark is affectionate. If we are in the car, he always holds my hand. Always. If we are at home, I receive between 57 and 82 little kisses per day.
  1. Mark is a student of Truth and of the Word. A lot of days, I wake up in the morning, come into the living room, and find Mark with a cup of coffee reading his Bible. Over meals, it's not uncommon for him to excitedly tell me about what he's reading and how God's working in his heart.
  1. Mark is a no-frills kind of guy. He doesn't need stylish clothes, a big truck, techy toys or a corporate career to prove his worth. He loves his free t-shirts and jeans. He could LIVE on egg sandwiches, chips, salsa and ice cream with no complaints. He drives a grandma car and doesn't mind, he always chooses ministry over money.
  1. Mark is a runner. He is never content with "the way things are", never happy in a rut, and he's always running ahead, dreaming bigger, wanting more fullness.
  1. Mark is a warrior. He is strong, courageous and bold. He will fight and sacrifice and die over important things.
  1. Mark is an evangelist and discipler. Mark loves, LOVES to tell young guys about Jesus, but he doesn't stop there. He asks them to meet regularly, they grab coffee before the sun comes up, they talk about what it means to follow Jesus and what it means to be a biblical man.
  1. Mark is my husband. ...which makes me a really, really blessed girl.

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