Thursday, March 10, 2011


Here's a fun memory! In October of 2009, one of my friends was wanting to check out teaching opportunities in Colorado Springs. She asked me if I wanted to come along. Obviously, I said yes. Colorado is a big deal.

Back in that day, Mark and I were just friends...the kind of friends that don't really talk much, but check in every couple of months or so. However, in October of 2009, Mark was at the Focus on the Family Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs, so I texted him and told him we were going to be in the area. I had been accepted to the Institute a few years earlier, but never ended up attending, so I was curious about how things were going for him. We had a quick supper with him.

When my friend and I got into the car to leave, she said, "Whoa. You need to date that boy." I said, "Yeah, right. He is SO so so out of my league." (And I really, really thought he was.) Who knew. God is good to me!

PS - Yes, I had blonde hair then, too. My, how things have changed.

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