Saturday, February 10, 2018

Diversity Dough

Last spring, we hosted our preschool co-op for the letter U.  Per our curriculum, the theme was supposed to be "U is for Us," but good luck finding ideas for the word "us."  I'm not even sure the kids knew what that meant.  (Those darn vowels!) 

We ended up talking a lot about how unique God had made us, how we are made in His image, and we celebrated the friendship we all shared together.

This play dough kit was a nod to our uniquenesses. 

Different shades of dough for some of our different skin colors.

Google eyes, pipe cleaners and buttons to help make some of different features.

Some of the kids used the gingerbread cutters to make their shape.  Others ended up with a couple of circles with pipe cleaner arms. 

We followed up with the book It's Okay to Be Different, which is an all-time favorite in our house (YES, it is okay to eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub), and Max Lucado's You Are Special. 


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