Saturday, February 10, 2018

Charlotte's Mermaid Party

I am way overdue in posting these pictures - Charlotte's party was in August!  At least I am consistent in posting things late.  It's really just my style, and I gotta be true to it, man.

In looking at these pictures again after quite a while, I'm just not thrilled with how this party turned out decorating-wise.  I got a little carried away, and it ended up looking cramped.  Remind me to look back at Will's Splash + Bubbles party when I'm planning again.  I just love a simple and clean look.

I used foil wrapping paper from Target for the "tablecloth" on our island, a few things from Meri Meri's Mermaid line, plates + grid napkins from Target, the shell bowl was from Oriental Trading, the aquariam plants were from Wal-Mart (and then returned, don't judge me), and the rest was collected from my stash at home.

Our ocean trail mix was an idea off Pinterest.  Kettle corn, pink goldfish (who knew they made pink ones?!), blue Sixlets and some candy stars.  

Dipped + sprinkled marshmallows are such an easy way to make a cute "extra" dessert.  One piece of advice here, though - don't use the ball sprinkles (no matter how pretty they look) and stick to the regular jimmies.  They were way too hard, and I was sure someone would break a tooth on one.  Ugh.

I am pretty pumped all of our kids have been born during months that have decent weather.  It really makes party-hosting the best when you can throw down a few blankets and eat outside.  

The main dinner course may as well have been watermelon for as much as Charlotte ate of it.  She kept asking for "wonder-melon" all summer, and I really didn't have the heart to correct her.  She'd eat the rind if I let her, I'm sure...

And here we have Lewis, eating his bites like a champ.  Micah and her kiddos came to celebrate with us - the kids had so much fun together!  Cousins are the best.

Have you ever tried Oven Hawaiian sandwiches?  They are stupid easy to make and so good...not incredibly healthy, but HEALTHY FOOD IS NOT FOR PARTIES.  King's Hawaiian bread + honey ham + pineapple + swiss cheese + a glaze of dijon mustard, spices and brown sugar = delicious.

Cupcakes for dessert, of course.  Cheap Wal-Mart cupcakes for the win again.  I added some free Mermaid clipcart toppers, leftover sprinkles and some cute cupcake liners - which were actually really pretty and a mix of metallics, but my camera is not doing a good job of showing them off...  Humph.

Clearly Will is enjoying the frosting.  What a guy.

We opened presents last, and let me tell you, she was so spoiled.  I didn't really plan this, but just about everyone gifted her some form of ocean or mermaid-themed toy.  She was ecstatic.

Can you tell by the look on her face?  She was shaking with excitement.  Such her daddy's girl.

I am mostly against the usual party games, but we have a neighborhood sand box in the backyard that was begging for a mermaid buried treasure hunt.  Special thanks to Auntie Naomi for burying gold coins, plastic jewels, pearl necklaces and tropical Skittles.  Our neighbors who are bigger kids helped the littler ones find the most special things.  I underestimated how fun this would be.

Our neighbors are still our kiddos best friends, despite the age differences.  I'm sure our days are numbered in playing with the older ones, but we are enjoying every minute we have!

The best part of every party is celebrating with the people we love the most.  Charlotte enjoys the company especially.  The more people, the more chaos, the happier this girl is.  #extrovertalert

We love you, Suzy.  You're our very best girl.


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