Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Small Steps - Never Making the Bed

I am fundamentally against making beds.

I am FOR doing dishes and sweeping floor and tidying up toys.  Too many dirty dishes, and we won't have enough to eat on.  Too many crumbs on the floor, and they'll stick to my toes and ruin the rugs.  Too many toys on the floor mean they'll pile up, and we won't be able to walk through our house.

An unmade bed?  No repercussions.  None.  It will wait patiently for you to return again tonight and snuggle in it again - no worse for the wear.

...except for the odd occasion that an acquaintance stops by unannounced and needs to use your bathroom, which is only a few steps away from the bedroom, which means she'll probably see your unmade bed and think you are a messy person for not making it.

In that case, let me tell you about the holy grail I just stumbled upon that allows me to never really make my bed and keep unannounced guest believing I am a decent housekeeper.

First, I bought sheets I actually liked looking at.  Seeing as how I don’t plan to make my bed, I knew I’d inevitably see more of those sheets.

Then, I kept the fitted sheet and pillowcases and ditched the top sheet.  I DON’T KNOW WHY THEY EXIST other than to create marital strife and twisted up confusion in the middle of the night.  The top sheet is better used in rainy-day-living-room-tent-making sorts of things.  

I DID keep our fancy pillows - the ones we don’t really sleep on, but - did you know?   Those pillows miraculously help make our bed look put together.  #winning

Now, I’m just arranging the fancy pillows in about 15 seconds, and throwing our comforter somewhere on the bed.  Make no mistakes - I’m not actually straightening the comforter, for heaven's sake.  Just throwing it on.  

No more untwisting the top sheet and tucking it back in at the bottom and smoothing it up all the way to the top and arranging my comforter and smoothing out all THOSE wrinkles and then arranging the fancy pillows and THEN (heaven forbid) folding one of those useless decorative blankets at the foot of my bed...

...and I’m done.

Just one small step that helps take a little bit of the crazy out of our lives.


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