Friday, September 8, 2017

Strength + Dignity Are Her Clothing

These pictures were taken over a year ago, and she's already grown out of these pajamas.  Since then, she's given up her paci, gotten potty-trained, and grown several inches!

My favorite part of Charlotte these days is how many words she has - and how particular she is about what she wants.  It all makes sense now - why, as a baby, she got so feisty and grumpy and bent out of shape sometimes.  She knew exactly what she wanted, but didn't have the vocabulary to describe it.  I imagine, someday, earlier than most, she'll have a defined style, a clear sense of who she is and what she wants to be...and she'll be feisty and unrelenting about attaining it.

This isn't surprising.  After all, her name means strength.  We've prayed Proverbs 31 for her often - that she'd be clothed in strength and dignity.  Anyone who has had the privilege of hanging out with Charlotte for more than five minutes knows the girl is strong.  Her little legs are thick with muscle, her voice is commanding, her opinions are expressed with boldness...  She takes after her daddy in trying every new adventure with fearlessness and gusto.

I imagine, someday, she'll be called "bossy" or "high maintenance" or "pushy" or "opinionated," but in those times she'll feel misunderstood.  She'll just be a girl that knows what she wants - and she won't be afraid to say it.

Until then, I'll do my best to teach her ways to ask and act with grace and humility.  She's got the strength thing covered - we're working on the dignity part!  ;)

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