Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Will + Charlotte's Coffee + Tea Play Center

I've been trying a new routine in changing play centers every two months or so.  In this way, there's usually a center that fits with the season for a couple of months (per our Bucket List), but then also a random one to fill another month based on whatever we feel like!

Obviously this sort of thing is not for all moms or kiddos.  You are not a bad mom if you decide to never create themed-play centers.  However, you are also not an amazing mom just because you DO create themed-play centers.  At the end of this post, please leave knowing that it is something that WE love to do together.  In fact, I already have the next two centers dreamed up (even though my time would have been better spent doing the dishes),  and I can't WAIT to see them come alive.  Someone, send help. 

Not sure why all my photos are all orange-y?  Darn you, basement lighting...

Will is a little fascinated with daddy's coffee every morning, so I went hunting for a coffee pot to buy for the kids this Christmas.  Let me tell you, they are nowhere to be found.  Every coffee play set these days is a Keurig-type thing...  If I would have gotten one of THOSE, the kids would have been completely lost and probably would have tried to stuff legos in it, instead of playing coffee shop.  Evidently, we are behind the times in the DeYounge house.  We use a coffee POT.  

Extra paper bags + a black magic marker = little coffee bags!

We LOVE Melissa and Doug's tea set.  It's beyond adorable with six little, wooden tea bags, cute cups, a few biscuits, etc.  I wasn't sure if Charlotte would "get it" right away, but when she received this tea set for Christmas, she was sipping and pouring and pretending non-stop.  Be still my heart.

The swirly things in the jars are supposed to be honey and jam jars.  I had extra yarn to get rid of, people.

In case you missed them...  1) Our Bucket List/s  2) Our Fall Play Center (Pumpkinland!)

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