Saturday, February 27, 2016

List One - Goals + Dreams for the Year

Inspired by Moorea Seal's 52 List book.
Note: All lists are in random order.  All lists end whenever I come to the last line of my journal page. 

  1. Champion One Word Life for a full year.
  2. Potty-train Will.
  3. Get Charlotte off the darn bottle.
  4. Stay disciplined to read + write every day.
  5. Don't gain a lot of weight back.
  6. Go to the library a lot.
  7. Feel healthier than ever.
  8. Treat my body with care + respect.
  9. Treasure Charlotte's smiles + dimples.
  10. Sing with Will often.
  11. Hug and tickle Will and Charlotte every day.
  12. Continue to build my capsule wardrobe.  Work on Mark's!
  13. Laugh with Mark more.
  14. Memorize scripture with the kids.
  15. Learn how to be more open + assertive, especially with Mark.
  16. Stay passionate about ministry + HOME work.
  17. Redo the kitchen.
  18. Save money for the cool chairs.
  19. Travel somewhere warm with Mark.
  20. Take more baths.
  21. Declutter more.
  22. Develop better rhythms.
  23. Plan family adventures.
  24. Learn yoga.
  25. Do all 52 lists, even if I hate them.
  26. Scrapbook like a mother.
  27. Eat lots of avocados.
  28. Invest in great wine + chocolate.
  29. Go to bed on time + nap often.

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