Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things I Love About Will - 17 Month Edition

1. You are ALL boy.
Your favorite things to talk about include cars, balls and dogs.  You are fascinated by anything with a motor.  You could play basketball for hours.  You could kick the kickball around our yard for hours, too.  You are very loud, very stinky, very sweaty.  You don't care much for girls, but the second Daddy or Papa or any other man walks in the door, you immediately want to play and wrestle and cry until they pay attention to you.  Speaking of wrestling and rough could to this ALL day.

2. You are major cute.
You have bleach blonde hair that is just a little curly when it's long.  You have eyelashes that would make any girl jealous.  Your eyes are SO, so blue, like your daddy.  You have ridiculously fat feet and toes, and strong little legs.  Your lips will make girls jealous, too, buddy.  You are adorable when you wear baseball caps. You have funny expressions, you give flirty looks and have a contagious smile.

3.  You have a great sense of humor.
You like to tease, you know how to tell jokes - even if we can't understand them...  You recognize other people laughing and join in.  You know how to make silly faces and tricks to make us laugh.  You tell animated stories and sermons. You are mostly smiley, mostly happy, and mostly fun-loving.

4.  Your dancing.
You love music (and daddy's beat boxing) and always dance crazy-like to ALL types...even organ preludes and hymns.  You flap your hands, bounce up and down, nod your head, spin around, quick step with your feet, and air drum.

5.  You love books.
Lots of mamas say that when their kids are quiet - too quiet - they are usually in trouble.  When YOU are quiet, you are usually sitting in your book nook in your room reading quietly.  You are constantly bringing books to my lap and pointing at them and whining until I read them to you.  When I don't read, you read books to yourself - out loud - full of expression and babbles.  You use real words for things you recognize like animals, balls and trucks.  You could read books for HOURS on end and love the library.  I finally have a library and summer reading buddy!!

6.  Your laugh.
Your giggles are so fun.  You laugh the most uncontrollably when you are wrestling with Dad or teasing Mama.

7.  You take good naps.
Mama needs some down time, so this is a treasure.  Thanks, Will Bug.

8.  Your voice.
You babble away most of the day.  Your chipmunk voice is especially adorable when you are reading yourself books or preaching sermons.

9.  Your run...
...looks like a fast waddle, and it is the best.  Someday, I will miss your fat little legs stomping around!

10.  Your rare cuddles.
You have always been pretty independent and cuddles are a rarity.  However, when you DO snuggle it is great.  It is usually in small spurts when we are putting you down for a nap or at bedtime, and it is usually interrupted by your wiggles or teasing - trying to get us to laugh at you.  You are so silly!

Love you lots, Bug-A-Boo...

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