Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hooray for Summer!

Praise the Lord, nicer weather finally arrived.  Finally.  Will has been loving the outside.  

One of his first outside adventures included a trip to the park with our young adults bible study.  

This particular outside adventure also included approximately three Cheetos...

...and ladder golf...

I will refrain from sharing what Mark chooses to call this beloved outdoor game...

...and a campfire with smoke that Will was terrified of.

 Hooray for summer, grass between our toes, picnics, and baseball hats.

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  1. Liza- I know I don't know you per say, but I've enjoyed your blog and I think we could be good friends (dang time and space issues). I know you're pregnant with number two and have randomly thought of you over the summer (maybe you had the baby? This is how much I know and get on Facebook). Regardless, pray all things go well and that you adjust to a family of four well and wholly.

    And I know what mark called the game because that's what everyone called it when we were in college and I always have to catch myself when I'm "in public" ;).

    Will is beautiful.

    Please blog more. :)


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