Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Life Basics

So.  Remember when I said I didn't have the space to organize and store all the little doo-dads, and papers, and scissors, and ribbons and stickers, and glue dots, and everything else that usually goes into scrapbooking?

These are the only things you need to scrapbook the Project Life way.  Really.  There are others in la-la-I-have-tons-of-free-time-and-magnificent-craft-rooms-and-tons-of-money-to-buy-patterned-scissors-world who DO use more supplies than this to do PL (Project Life), but I am convinced it's totally not necessary.  I've only done this for a little while, but my advice so far would be to STICK TO THE BASICS.  Sticking to the basics eliminates the headache of too many layouts, too many choices, too many fussy details - which takes too much time and energy.  The good news is, if you stick to the basics in PL, you can still end up with a really cute scrapbook.  I am living proof. scrapbook is living proof...  Well, my scrapbook isn't actually living, but you get the point.

Moving on.

PL is centered around pocket pages.  They are similar to the old page protectors you stuffed your baseball cards into...only they are 12x12 with different sized pockets.  Though there are a million different photo page/pocket layouts to choose from, I stick to Design A...four 4x6 pockets, and four 3x4 pockets.

Along with the photo pages, PL offers 4x6 and 3x4 "journaling cards"...  These cards provide space to write a few things about the pictures you're including - fun memories, quotes, etc.  There are TWO sides to every card, so you have some options to choose from.  Some cards are almost blank with a tiny bit of decoration - perfect for writing a bunch.  Other cards are patterned with cool designs - perfect to fill empty spots in your pockets and/or add a little visual interest.  OTHER cards have fun little sayings on them - again to add some interest - "Today was Epic!", or "Remember This..?", etc.  These cards come in packs.  Each pack has PLENTY of cards to keep you busy for a long, long time.  And each pack has PLENTY of options and they're SUPER versatile.

If you are looking to burn a little more DIY steam, you could EASILY make the cards yourself - just by cutting scrapbook paper or card stock down to the correct size.  But, I was able to purchase 120 double-sided cards (which are lasting a long time!) for $8 on Etsy, so for me, it was worth the cash to eliminate the hassle and extra time it'd take to cut them myself.

The overall finished product ends up being a 12x12 page of photos and cards.  There's no guesswork in laying everything out.  You just pick the photos you like that "go" together (chronologically or thematically) and stuff them in pockets.  Add a journal card or two, and you're done.  I have done 4-5 pages in 30 minutes.  I love the pocket pages because they are a perfect place to stash some of my little "keepsakes", too.  Hospital bracelets, sticky notes, ticket stubs, etc.

The only other things you might need to do the basics in PL would be...  A corner rounder - that is, IF you want your photo corners rounded.  I also use a nicer pen (and by nicer I mean it cost more than 20 cents at Wal-Mart), and a Sharpie (because you can use it to journal or write ON the photos themselves, if you want).  All of these things cost me about $4, I think.

You will also need a big 12x12 binder.  Do not buy the actual "Becky Higgins Project Life" binders because they are more expensive than regular ones.  I just did a Google search for 12x12 binders and found the least expensive one I liked.

SO.  The startup costs include the pocket pages, binder and journaling cards.  But for me, they have all lasted a long time.  I envision using 1 binder a year and probably one $8 pack of cards a year (or at LEAST every 6-9 months), too.

Simple, pretty cheap, and hardly any "fuss" to get started.  Right up my alley!


  1. I love this. Adorable. How are you cutting down the smaller photos (like the ones of Mark and Will)? I need to see this in person one of these days.

  2. where did you buy your journaling cards. they are super cute


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